responsive /rɪˈspɒnsɪv/


  1. reacting quickly and well to something or someone
  2. in response; answering

We put users at the heart of everything we do to create beautifully simple services that are responsive to their needs.

“Marvell Consulting has been integral in the transformation of the Home Office’s digital operations. The research, design and build has been exceptional.”

Ben Stevens, Product Manager, Home Office

What we do

Understanding user needs

Services exist for no other reason but to serve people. When you listen to people, you build services that work for them. Our researchers are experts at getting to the root of users’ needs so we can build technologies that serve them.

Designing end-to-end services

Clear, intuitive design is what differentiates a service that functions from a service people can use. Drawing on years’ of experience observing user behaviour, our design team create services that are visually coherent and effortless to use.

Building technology solutions

Reliability and trust is at the heart of every user experience. Our developers build secure, high-performance, scalable software so that, day or night, you know your services are always there when users need them.

Proud to have helped

Home Office
HM Passport Office
UK Visas and Immigration
British Gas

Speak with us

We’re always here to answer any questions you may have or just to have a natter over a coffee!

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